Q) I checked out your YouTube videos and if you can do that stuff at 75 years of age it’s all well and good for you but I am in the same age group and have never done anything strenuous like that. My joints ache so badly now that I can hardly walk properly. Are you saying you can do that extreme stuff because of your One hour Body program and anybody could be doing that?

A) I have been exercising most of my life so it is something I practice. But there was a time (some years back) when all the old injuries and the aching joints were giving me so much trouble I could not continue. At that point I began working on a way to help myself and the result is my One Hour Body program. Since then despite still having issues with my body I am able to overcome my considerable problems to lead an active life.

Q) I’m over 50 and have been told my joints are painful because they are worn and I have arthritis and the only way to relieve the pain is medication. Is that true or is the One Hour Body system some kind of miracle cure?

A) Age is not a factor. Arthritis means joint inflammation. Taking medication will shut down the body’s immune system to relieve the pain but it will not alleviate the cause of the problem. In most cases following the One Hour Body program will help you to overcome the cause of your joint inflammation and therefore you will relieve the pain.

Q) I am not somebody who likes to exercise, I’m lazy. Will I have to participate in strenuous workouts to do this program?

A) The One Hour Body system’s specific aim is to help people who are more senior in age or younger people who are suffering from injury or a medical condition. The “exercises” in the first stages are very gentle movements that teach you how to condition your mind to take charge of your inner core and spine. In fact the very first lesson involves little else than standing still and learning to let yourself heal.

Q) Is this some kind of meditation that cures pain or something like pressure point meridian connections that shut down the pain from worn, inflamed joints?

A) There is no mystery to the One Hour Body system, although it is derived from ancient Chinese chi kung, kung fu practices. The principles used in chi kung training to gain inner power are used to teach you the basics with the primary purpose of gaining control of your joints to perform physically in a better, more relaxed and therefore pain free way.

Q) I have had X-rays taken and they show I have spondylolisthesis and stenosis. This causes me acute sciatic and back pain. Will the One Hour Body system help with a serious medical problem like this?

A) There is every possibility that the OneHour Body system will not only help but if followed correctly you will learn to eliminate the pain almost entirely.

Q) It sounds as if you are saying that by doing a few execises in a certain way called the “One Hour Body” system almost anybody suffering from worn joints with arthiritic joint pain or painful back problems can be “cured”?

A) Yes but it’s not termed a cure. It is a natural way of teaching you how to relieve the stress in your body caused by overuse or incorrect use of your joints or injury. You will learn far better mental and physical control of yourself so you are able to self regulate your relaxation and stress factors.

Q) I have seen sites on the Internet showing stretching exercises and people with weights doing stuff and they say their exercises help to keep joints working. Isn’t this the best sort of exercise for joint problems?

A) While any form of exercise is usually a good thing, what is portrayed on these site is, for the main part, populist assumptions without any proof of being able to help when you have painful joints. In some cases when you follow the recommendations with unsupervised stretching or exercising it will exacerbate the problems.

Q) If I start the One Hour Body program do I need to keep getting lessons or do I only need to get lessons when my pain comes back?

A) The One Hour Body program is spread over 12 weeks, once you have completed the program it is yours for life, you will be able to use what you have learned every day to live a pain free life forever.