Hello, my name is Tony Nathan. I am responsible for the One-Hour-Body system. I teach functional awareness. What this means is I have created a gentle self help exercise system enabling you to heal injury, overcome joint pains or other types of muscular skeletal problems. The system specifically helps people who have problems associated with ageing: tendon injuries, joint pains or arthritis. Following this system results in better flexibility and stronger pain free function for seniors and others who may be suffering.

Here is a quick oversimplification of what happens when your joints hurt, your back aches, your neck goes stiff or any other muscular skeletal problem occurs that causes you discomfort and pain: Your  body biomechanics are designed to work as one, all limbs and joints are interconnected and should work together as a unit. Unfortunately over time as we get older we either sustain damage or get into habits that misalign our body parts and we begin to malfunction. This may be slight at first and tolerated but eventually the misalignment cause stress to the part involved or puts an overwork strain on a part that is substituted for injury in order to maintain function and we become aware of this through pain and stiffness.

Doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, body alignment people will all have their remedies for these kinds of common problems but you will find that any relief is temporary and the treatments need to be constantly repeated. In some cases prosthetic body parts are recommended.

None of the various well meaning people I consulted, who claimed to be able to relieve the problems, had a solution except for drastic surgery without guarantee of definite recovery.

Because I wanted to remain very active I spent many years seeking a solution to my own problems and by experimenting I evolved my own system that works to keep me almost totally free of any joint pains whilst still exercising regularly at a high level of intensity.

I call my system One-Hour-Body. Why the name, One-Hour-Body? — You will need to perform the system’s gentle exercises for 3 sessions a week, for about 20 minutes each time, to reach a reasonable level of functional fitness: A total of one hour a week. I believe most aches and pains are worsened by inactivity not by ageing and I can show you how to regain function with pain free joints.

My system does not come from academic course work, not that I’m against any advice that aims to get you active and motivated. These days most help and advice is offered by younger people who obviously lack personal experience of the ageing factor. My system comes from my own experience of over 60 years of participating in multiple sports and martial arts. It’s the best of what I’ve learned about physical movement combined with the benefit of my more mature non ego driven practical application.

If you would like to know more please get in touch via this website. Feel free to ask questions, always happy to  answer.


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