Exercise – Hard and Soft

I have studied internal martial arts for many years and based on that experience I categorise two distinctly quite different ways in which the human body functions.

The most common and most used way of functioning is physical. By physical I mean what most people think of as the normal and therefore the only way we move, which is the accepted idea that we have bones moved by muscles which are joined together by ligaments and tendons. Therefore with this perception when we have wear, damage or injury and then pain we perceive this as something that can only be cured or fixed by medication to shut down the pain or manipulation or surgery to the body parts to alleviate the problem.

Having spent many years learning and studying Oriental martial arts systems I came to the realization that the physical way of functioning is the least productive. The perception of muscular power instilled in us by the Western competitive sports ideology (whether we participate or not) when we are growing up leads us to believe that strength is based on muscle power and the solution to being physically weak is to build and use more muscle. When the average man demonstrates strength he flexes his biceps muscles by cocking his arms to show how this denotes power and masculinity.

There is another way that is not so well known that I have learned, it is that we have an internal power that I call a soft way of functioning and we can learn how to use it.  My observation over the years has been to see people who have taught me to use this internal power instead of physical power do not seem to suffer from joint pains, arthritis or other muscular skeletal problems. Partly the reason is in the way the body functions when we use it and the way in which we make use of correct structure to free up the joints when performing movement.

What I teach is the internal way of performing physical tasks. I have condensed the essence of the Oriental internal way of thinking and moving that overcomes the strain on the body’s joints. I teach correct structural alignment of the spine and how to benefit from learning a different way of moving softly. By softly I mean without physical strain yet still being very capable of performing difficult physical tasks. I teach how to understand this system so that you will have it for life and be able to utilize it in your everyday life to live free of joint pain. This is a self help program, it will alleviate your problems for life. Chiropractors, medical doctors’ drugs, massage and therapy techniques will all only be temporary even if they do give you some relief, what I teach and explain is a way of healing yourself and continuing on to maintain your health for life.  VIDEOS CLICK HERE