There are three ways of changing the world. You can force people to change, you can pay them to change, or you can inspire them to change.


Have to say I was not expecting what I got out of this. I had a lot of pain in my hips & all down my legs. Tony showed me a different way to sort of keep my spine up & how to walk without feeling the pain I had before. Amazing. I had tried chiropractors, did some yoga & pilates & it was all a bit better but the pain always came back. Been a couple of months now & I really don’t have the problem anymore. I learned how to make it go away.


My back was painful for years, I tried everything, deep tissue massage chiro accupunture special stretches but still back pain. After about a week of doing it I was getting relief then about after 4 weeks no pain & it’s still gone. After about 3 months I do follow how it works all the time & my back is still pretty good.


I wasted years trying all kinds of remedies to stop my cramps and joint pains. Got pills from the doc, tried rubs & oils. Also special stretches. Every time I tried something new it helped a bit but I still had problems. I was willing to try anything so I gave this a go. Totally unbelievable, Tony advised how to move in a very different way, hard to explain but I can feel how my body works now, I walk different & have lost the cramps & joint pains. The movements I was shown seem to have corrected whatever was wrong & the advice on changing my diet must help as well. Anyway it works, that’s all I can say.


You need to do this program. If you have shoulder pain & elbow joint pain like I did you need this. I gave up the medication, don’t need it anymore. This program totally taught me how my body works & how to get back my energy & strength. I can do a really good workout in the gym without any pain & I’m getting stronger all the time.


This really works, cured my bad arthritis, I’ll do it forever. It’s over 9,000


Gave me a totally different way of moving & thinking. Cannot believe I didn’t know I was so tense & stiff before learning this system. More confident & almost no nagging joint pain.


I am moving better now than before the injury. At the age of 46 and thanks to a combination of stress and bad posture I suffered 2x disc bulges. I was in bed for months and in incredible neural pain. I was told that I would unlikely surf or do many other things I enjoyed doing ever again. I was struggling with the possibility of a change of career due to the nature of my work stressing my injury.

I’ve known Tony for some time and he introduced me to his Functional Awareness process. I started slow and steady making small movements a few days a week. My functionality increased over the next couple of weeks with improvements daily.  My improvements continue through to now.

Not everyone can, or wants to, do what Tony can do. I believe that Tony’s Functional Awareness process can help anyone increase their body’s functionality, ease their physical pain and improve quality of life through increased movement and core strength. This process helped me convalesce and now I am surfing, working and generally regaining a work life balance. Improvements with my core strength have helped my body movement and quality of life. Thanks Tony, Thanks Functional Awareness.

L. Man Kam

Tony’s Functional Awareness helped me to connect with my core and improve my health and wellbeing by being observant of my structure. Not only did I learn to feel and listen to my own body but to realise what I was doing postural and what I could do about it. After a couple of days of the program I was more aware of my posture either sitting, standing or lying in bed.

I did elegant and gentle movements to engage those muscles and joints at my core. Over a short time I felt improvements to my posture, strength and movement.

I have been building up the movements to include some light weights and am feeling the activity is improving my attitude to my life. I have taken easy steps to take control of my body and myself and this is paying dividends through increased activity, engagement with other people and an overall improvement in my wellbeing and lifestyle.

Functional Awareness is simple, quick and easy and improvements were felt in just days.


Functional Awareness is great. Do it or not, I don’t care if you stay in your chair and die. It’s up to you. Just don’t whinge that you’re sore or restricted by your body if you’re not doing it.