Fitness Advice

Fitness advice.

First of all I’m going to point out that what I have to say is mainly for people of mature age, older generation, seniors, whatever you want to call yourself because I’m one of you. But all this could equally apply to people of any age with infirmities.

Secondly I’m going to be blunt and up front. What I have to say is not about your usual get fit, build big muscles, weight loss type of deal. I’m all for doing the least amount of work for the absolute most benefit. Gain without the pain.

What I promote is functional awareness. What this means is getting the most out of your mind and body from what you have to work with. As we age we have the choice of fading away or taking control, I prefer to take control and I can teach you how take control to regain your functionality and rid yourself of overuse problems like tendonitis, arthritis, torn tendons, stenosis, back pain or whatever people use as their excuse for being lazy. I can show you how to regain a lot of your functionality with very minimal pain and a whole lot of gain.

There are countless fitness programs in books, magazines and all over the Internet; some of them are excellent. Buff body young men and women with 6 packs and beautiful breasts (the women and the men). They advise the best way to get these for yourself and I’m sure most of them will get you fitter if you follow them. Only trouble with all this is if you haven’t done this stuff for years it’s difficult to start or even if you have kept fit, maybe you are getting on a bit and the old joints don’t allow you to perform all that well anymore.

I have designed an exercise program specifically to guide mature age people in regaining what I call functional awareness. I say an ‘exercise’ program because this is a common word people expect to hear when they think about physical improvement.

Actually what I promote is a gentle self help system designed for mature age people enabling you to heal injury and overcome joint pains or other types of muscular skeletal problems.

The system specifically helps people who have problems with tendon injuries, back and joint pains or arthritis.

This does not require muscular strength; it is a way of teaching people to move the way our bodies are designed for better function. This is through connecting with the body’s core centre elements, in a mindful way.

The movements are easy and gentle, not forceful. Concentration is on structure of the body and how this relates to relaxing the joints for painless movement. The result is better flexibility, easier breathing, strength gain and pain free function.

I am absolutely sure of my methods because I am living proof. At 80 years of age after suffering with many back and joint problems from an active life I am now virtually pain free and able to perform extreme physical exercises at a reasonable level. I do this with functional awareness not muscle power.

I don’t suggest you leap into imitating the stuff I am doing on my videos; I must stress that only by working through the program until I improved my functional awareness did I get to the stage where I was fit and strong enough to accomplish this. I went through stages to get to my current level.

The 1st starter stage was very gentle and after this I improved my strength, flexibility, function and awareness until it resulted in what I can do now.

I call this the one hour body program of functional awareness.

It only takes one hour per week:  3 x 20 minute sessions of functional movement, you need 12 weeks. This is a total of 12 hours or to put it another way, it all adds up to half of one 24 hour day total.

Half of one day out of your whole life to learn how to eliminate joint pain and regain youthful movement.

I will be writing some explanatory posts soon. Check back for updates. Take care. VIDEOS CLICK HERE